Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why did I choose Seriesse International

After many months of research I decided to join Sylvester and Jennifer Stallone's new company, Seriesse International.

What Made me decide?
I come from a retail background and sold my business recently. Having sold Avon for many years in UK and when I first moved to USA, my first instinct was to do the same thing again. I can't sit around and wait for something to come to me. I have to actively be doing something to pass the time of day. There must be something better out there for someone who wants to earn a serious income? My research began with many hours on line and talking to others about what they did.
Network marketing IS the way to go in today's economy.... that was my first decision. I knew I deffinitely wanted to get into the Network Marketing industry.

Which company do I join?
Wow! there are so many to choose from and my homework tells me to be careful. Many do not survive for a number of reasons. They may not have a good product, or enough choices for people. They might not have the financing to grow or satisfied customers.
Some MLM companies have been around for decades...time tested and sure to last. I don't want to be with those companies because the market is saturated with representatives. I want to part of something exciting and fairly new.

I came accross Seriesse International.

What did I find out?
*Seriesse prides itself in being the only company in history to begin with a billion dollar product line. Never has a company had a tested and proven product line of this caliber.

*Our co-founders, the Stallones, are the first celebrities to develop, produce, market, and endorse the best, documented product line available. Again, Seriesse is the only company in network marketing history to own this degree of credibility.

*Our skin care products are proudly made in the U.S.A., and the Stallones own the manufacturing facility for quality assurance.

*These incredible products have the patented ingredient NVesse-24, and the absolute highest concentrations of ingredients in the industry.

*Jennifer is also the pioneer of most of the popular products on the market today, like her Instatox. She continues to pave the way in the entire industry while others try to duplicate her inventions but fall short in quality and effectiveness.

*Seriesse created the most advanced tech tools in the industry.

*The Seriesse compensation plan is documented by Sheffield Resources as paying out 17% higher than the highest plan of any MLM plan in existence, in short and long term and without huge expectations and quotas.

*The Stallones built Seriesse with their own financial resources, and have unlimited personal funds dedicated for the longevity and continued growth as the greatest company of its kind. Most companies rely on bank loans for their start up and growth. These companies routinely fail overnight.

*Syvester started the S-force line of nutritional products. Doctors are so impressed with the line, they are enrolling as consultants with Seriesse!

I joined this Groundbreaking Company because I know it's going to be something huge. I am at the top of the ladder along with an incredible team.

What's the Catch?
I haven't found one yet. Their products really are as good as they say....not writing this to make a sale...just my honest opinion.

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