Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Health

Earlier today my older son came and asked how come he doesn't fall ill very often. He can't recall clearly the last time he went to the doctors for anything. Aside from wellness checks his immune system (knock on wood) is very good for a twelve year old.

I asked him if he knew why...I was pleased to hear it was because he ate fruits and veg and drinks juice, milk and other healthy foods. Wow! he's growing up! I try to make sure both of my young growing children get a balanced diet. My 8 year old seems to suffer from the odd cold or cough here and there but nothing major. Both used to fall ill quite often when they were very young but as they grow and learn to eat everything I make, they seem to be getting healthier with a better immune system.
Even my husband and I rarely fall ill, and if we do, we're usually better within a few days.

Many of you may not be as fortunate as me to have time to prepare fresh meals every day so rely on multi-vitamins to help them. It's a difficult feat even for me to make sure we get our daily helping of required fruit and veg and not forgetting meat (unless you are a vegetarian).I also know that as we get older we need to supplement our diets with multivitamins to help our bodies function better. It has been said that if the whole US population took a good source of multi-vitamin on a daily basis, the cost of health care would be significantly lower! Now that is something we all need to think about.

Seriesse International has a multi vitamin which they find difficult to call a multi vitamin because it is so much more than that. It is the S-Force Multi Nutrient System, which has the highest quality ingredients, far superior to any other multi vitamin on the market today. You may wonder how I can say that. Sylvester Stallone always wants the best of the best and made sure that his line really delivers and stands apart from everyone else. When his consultants say it's the best product, it has to mean that is really is the best product.

"S-Force Multi-Vitamin combines the highest quality vitamins and minerals with fruit and vegetable concentrate in the correct potency's. Synergistically this helps to improve energy, combat stress, compensate for a poor diet and support overall health and fitness."

Each box comes with individually wrapped packets containing four tablets which is the daily recommended dose. You take it after your heaviest meal of the day because vitamins are absorbed in the body better when taken with food. The potency of the vitamins is at it's maximum because they are sealed and they come with a time released formula. The way to explain that is simple. If a juggler has twelve balls and throws them at you, how many could you catch? Probably one or two. Now, if he throws them one at a time, you can catch all twelve. The time release formula works in a similar way therefore allowing your body to absorb the needed nutrients when it is supposed to.

I believe strongly in this multi nutrient system and feel the benefits of taking it, and want to share my story so others can benefit from good health too. Cheers to great health!

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