Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heal the Pain

What is one of the most common thing you hear people complain about as they get a little older?

I'm not sure about you, but I hear people moan and groan about aching joints and bones. They complain when they're on the treadmill saying their knees hurt, or say they can't play softball because their arm hurts. I could go on with the list of complaints from fairly young people.

Sylvester Stallone joined his wife Jennifer at Seriesse because he wanted to promote health from within. He is the best testimonial you could ask for. Despite his age, he continues to stay strong and healthy and from his own words, he says his body functions at the level of a man 20 years younger.

He has a product in his S-Force line, called Joint Support. His formula is very different from what you may be used to taking. In two simple words I can say "IT WORKS"!!

Along with vitamin C and Amla fruit extract, it also contains the two main ingredients called Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid, which help your joints heal and work better.

"Glucosamine is the most researched natural joint health substance. Research has shown that Glucosamine is a natural substance found in and around the cells of cartilage (the connective tissue in joints and other areas of your body). Glucosamine helps the body produce synovial fluid – the “grease” that keeps your joints working smoothly. It helps in the growth, maintenance and repair of cartilage. "

"Hyaluronan (solublized hyaluronic acid) – Hyaluronic acid is produced in the human body and is an important component of the connective tissue that fills the spaces between cells of the skin and other tissues, and is a major ingredient of the synovial fluid that lubricates and cushions joints. "

Sylvester uses the highest grade products in his ingredients to ensure maximum results. I have customers who buy this product and actually thank me for showing it to them. The quality of their lives improves dramatically as they are able to do so much more.

One classic example is from someone who loves to do gardening but had to give up because the pain in her knees was unbearable. After only a few weeks of taking Joint Support, she was convinced it was a good buy. she could feel a real difference. There are countless others who have benefited from this.

This product is not only for those of you who are in pain, it is also recommended for people who want to avoid the onset of pain. Once we start to feel the odd pinch here or there you need to consider taking this. It is especially good for athletes who tend to wear their cartilage away, due to extensive use.

Once again, in this business, I am left with that feel good factor and I will continue to promote the products because I know how they change peoples lives for the better!

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