Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Energized with Green Tea

Today was a tough day for getting down to work...My son was home from school so my time was spent around him. I guess that is the beauty of working from home...the ability to use your hours as needed.
Now that he is in bed I can do some catch up work. It's strange how before I started with Seriesse, I would sit down to watch TV after dinner, and now I automatically get on my laptop and network!! I watch as I work, unless it's one of my favorite shows like 24 or Grey's!
I've even managed to take time out to exercise everyday, even if it's only for half an hour. I feel more energized than before and I put it down to the Green Tea drops I take. Drinking water regularly was always a problem for me, but since I bought the drops I find myself wanting to drink. Now there is flavor in the water without gaining additional calories and reaping the benefits of green tea.

Here's some more information on Green Tea.

Essential Green Tea
Essential Green Tea is formulated with the highest quality standardized green tea, each 2 oz. bottle supplies the health benefits of 240 cups of green tea!

The green tea, white tea, and acai berry ingredients in each Essential Green Tea provides antioxidants that can improve your health and hydrate your skin!


-Essential Green Tea is a delicious and energizing way to boost the antioxidant and cell protecting value of your favorite beverage.
-Helps metabolism, the heart, liver, and other organs, as well as boosts your energy!

There's no sugar which is big because many green tea products on the market are loaded with sugar, no calories, no fat, no carbs, and it doesn't have to be refrigerated! Keep a bottle in your purse, briefcase, desk or car for that convenient pick-me-up power anytime. Protect yourself from the inside out.

You may ask if this is cost effective.
I used to buy the store brand green tea like the Lipton lemon tea religiously. I knew about the benefits, therefore drank one bottle every lunch time at work. It wasn't the cheapest of drinks but I liked it better than soft drinks. One thing I didn't do was buy the diet version because of the after taste.
Once I was introduced to the Essential Green Tea , I was hooked. It tastes great and so easy to use. I carry my small bottel with me and order water when I'm out. One dropper full and I have my instant green tea. My favorite is the Citrus flavor, and I would say it is deffinitely very cost effective.

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