Friday, February 20, 2009

Healthy Weight means a Healthy Body.

One of the things many of us deal with is being over weight. We all want to be just that little bit slimmer for both health and beauty reasons. I would hope that most want to shed a few pound for health reasons.

There is NO magic pill out there that will loose the weight for you, however there are many products which help. Unfortunately they contain ingredients which are not always beneficial to your health.

Sylvester Stallone joined his wife Jennifer to bring his nutritional and weight loss products to everyone. His products have been made using natural ingredients and are Ephedrine Free! Weight management doctors are so impressed with the results produced that many have signed up to become consultants, so they can recommend the products to their patients.

His weight loss system consists of two of his products. His Spro 20 Protein Formula and S-Force Green Tea Plus capsules.

Spro-20 is a delicious protein powder that everybody can enjoy. The ingredients in this protein powder work as a weight management tool. Many athletes can also use Spro-20 as part of their training regimen.

- It can easily be used as a meal replacement for those wanting to lose weight.

- Three grams of fiber to assist in blood sugar and blood lipid management, two major health problems common in obesity.

- High dose of the alkalizing minerals potassium and magnesium which enhance fat burning enzyme activity and overall health.

It is an optimum performance protein with immuno-supportive whey isolates, enzyme active rice proteins, and a balanced nutritional profile.

• 20 grams of optibolic protein per serving, making it easy to metabolize
• Supports healthy muscle tissue
• Promotes healthy immune systems
• Enzyme activated for optimum absorption
• Activated with medium chain triglycerides to help burn fat
• Includes branched-chain amino acids
• Low glycemic formula

It is also used as part of his anti-aging system but I'll get into that another time.

The Green Tea Plus supplements help you lose weight and control your appetite. It promotes energy and supports normal blood sugar levels all day long safely and naturally. It contains all natural herbal, botanical and mineral formula. The best part is that it is Ephedrine Free!

Green Tea Plus contains a proprietary blend of thermogenic nutrients which, along with proper diet and exercise, will temporarily boost your metabolism and increase your energy throughout the day.

What is thermogenesis? Thermogenesis is the natural process of creating heat…like when you exercise you create heat, and heat converts fat to energy. This formula, along with exercise, will temporarily turn up you body’s thermostat to burn calories.

Sylvester Stallone has a weight management program for serious dieters which incorporate a few other products like his Amla rush, Essential Green Tea (water amplifier) and Amla Rush Energizing Powder.

You do need to remember that you must continue with your regular exercise program and healthy eating habits while you use these products. You are aiming for a lifestyle change to maintain your new weight.

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