Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seriesse Opportunity

Shop Seriesse is turning out to be a huge success for Seriesse International. It's a great way to get brand awareness and slowly but surely everyone is going to know Seriesse. Within approximately two years, Seriesse is planning on expanding internationally, by which time there will be no stopping us. Since June 2008 we have become members of the Direct Selling Associations, which is done by passing their requirements. Direct Sales in skincare, beauty and nutrition is a very high growth industry and you can earn income on a full time or part time work schedule. We have an experienced executive team who are committed to your success and work with you, and your suggestions to help improve Seriesse.

Seriesse promises to give you "products that work" therefore allowing you to grow your business with confidence. Direct selling for our company isn't effected with the economy because of positive media exposure and success stories from our consultants. We live in the age of the Internet therefore are able to conduct business 24/ can be earning even while you sleep. How many people can say that about their business? Traditional sales is achieved by going through manufacturers, to wholesalers, to warehousers, to advertisers, to retailer to customers.....such a long process for goods to get to the buyers. Network Marketing allows products to go directly from the manufacturer to the customer, through independent consultants like myself.

You are essentially in business for are the CEO of your business. You control your time , your finances and your life!
Seriesse supplies the products, provides the marketing support, delivers your technology needs, and helps you serve your customers.
The Seriesse Success Plan provides unlimited opportunity through sales of products, through sponsoring consultants and leadership. With a simple 60%/40% formula you have a great balancing only have two things to sell....the products and the opportunity.

Training is given through Webinars, Conference calls, The Esse Channel and Seriesse Live....and support is only an email or phone call away. They are ready to help you with the smallest of questions.

Getting started with Seriesse is simply submit your consultant application for your Welcome Kit and Premium Bach Office. Purchase you Deluxe of Standard Fast Start assortment and start building your team. Your sponsor is ready to help you along the way, and your team has regular conference calls and webinars providing essential training and ideas.

The most important thing to remember is that you are in business for yourself, therefore you must work hard, and be dedicated to Seriesse to see the rewards. In one simple phrase....invest a little, earn a lot! Be in it for the long haul to see the benefits.

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