Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"C" how to look young at 40 and Up

I've had a busy few days, running around the kids and their activities. I used to get physically drained before, but now, since I started taking the Seriesse Green Tea Essentials (which is on a special promotion for March) and the S-Force Amla Rush, I don't get as tired. I even walked 9 miles at the weekend and felt fine after it, so it's definitely a good decision to introduce it into my daily routine.

Our Shop Seriesse promotion is going well, with many people doing the survey and eagerly awaiting their fantastic gifts. I always encourage people to get the Amla Rush because of it's high antioxidant properties and anti-aging factor. It energises you and helps your whole body function better. I have noticed the difference and so has my family, so why not try it. It's free so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Seiresse has many wonderful lines to help you look younger as you may have read about in some of my posts. A favorite for the young 40+ generation is Jennifer's C Essentials.

Who is it for?

It's for men and women aged 40 and up, although I have met some younger people using the C Extreme Results for a quick instant exfoliation.

What does it do?

It treats and conditions your skin by diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It evens out and brightens the entire complexion.

How does it work?

Seriesse utilizes Vitamin C and Vitamin C Esters to boost the skins own tone, texture, elasticity and radiance. It gives skin it's resiliency and bounce.

What makes it special?

Vitamin C is incredible for aging skin but it's a very volatile, stable ingredient. Vitamin C Esters are stable superior forms of Vitamin C. They exert greater activity in the skin cells where they quench free radicals, encourage new collagen production and enhance skins own resiliency and bounce. Seriesse has enhanced all of their Vitamin C's with advanced delivery systems - soft flexible encapsulations that help deliver the Vitamin C Esters deeper into the targeted areas of the skin.

The C essentials line has 5 different products which work in unison with each other and on their own.

C Clean Essentials is a natural, gentle and refreshing cleanser which helps to tone and condition mature skin and it removes make up and cleanses the skin. It contains: Vitamin C Esters which acts against free radicals and stimulate collagen activity and helps increase skins thickness. Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and combats wrinkle-forming free radicals. Essential Fatty Acids for rapid hydration and skin softening properties by helping to plump up wrinkles skin. Botanical Extracts to strengthen and nourish the special needs of mature skin.

C Eye Essentials is a targeted eye treatment which smooths and softens lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. It minimizes dark circles and hydrates the eye area. It too contains Vitamin C Esters, 10 naturally occurring sources of Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, and Botanical Extracts. In addition, it also has Safflower Seed Oil which is a natural and very gentle skin moisturizer and humectant. The final ingredient is NVesse-24 which is Jennifer's patented blend of cosmeceutical ingredients which forms an invisible breathable barrier between your skin and the environment, while protecting the active and beneficial ingredients to sustain their integrity.

C Serum Essentials is an intensive skin conditioner which deeply penetrates the skin to help nourish, smooth our fine lines and brighten your skin. It increases hydration and helps restore skins elasticity and bounce. It too contains Vitamin C Esters, 10 naturally occurring sources of Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, and Botanical Extracts, NVesse-24 and in addition has Ginko Biloba Extract which is rich in antioxidants and offers skin toning benefits.

C Repair Essentials is a luxurious and Emollient Restorative moisture cream which deeply moisturizes, hydrates and helps restore your skin with comforting moisturizers and essential oils. It too contains Vitamin C Esters, 10 naturally occurring sources of Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, and Botanical Extracts, NVesse-24 and in addition has Mugwort Extract which offers anti-inflammatory benefits and Algae for its gentle firming benefits.

Now, the best for last...C Extreme Results. This is a 2-part skin resurfacing system which rapidly exfoliates your skin for a smoother younger look and softer skin. Results are seen instantly and you will absolutely love this product. It contains Vitamin C Esters and Essential Fatty Acids along with three other active ingredients - Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Lactic Acid which helps to exfoliate and smooth out the skins surface. Sodium Bicarbonate, whose soft salt crystals work to loosen and exfoliate dead and dull skin cells. Beta Carotene and Retinyl Acetate, which are two forms of Vitamin A that nourish, soften and help skin cell turnover.

I strongly recommend this line of products to my family members and friends because it works a charm, so why not give it a go and stay looking great in your 40's.

For a little help from the inside, you can take Super C Complex which is a nutritional formula scientifically developed to support the C Essentials beauty treatment. It enriches the skin by creating the proper environment for beautiful skin. It contains powerful vitamins and antioxidants to help combat the oxidative stress that can damage our skin cells including collagen and elastin. It is loaded with super antioxidants Vitamin C, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, plus Isoflavones and Lysine.

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