Monday, March 16, 2009

40+ with sagging skin - Seriesse can help.

Seriesse has a make products that work!

That's it, very simple yet effective. Why else would we offer a 45 day money back guarantee on all our products. I've written about A Essentials, a line for 25-30 year old, and C Essentials for 40 years and up. Today I'll tell you about a product line specifically made for those who are 40+ and have visible sagging or loose skin. This can be caused by excess sun exposure or if you are a smoker.
It is the Seriesse International Uplift line.

All of SI Uplift products were designed to lift and firm the look of sagging skin. The products offer a re energizing feeling to perk up tired complexions and feature ingredients that help gradually increase the skin's overall fitness.

How does it work?
All of SI Uplift products feature Argilift Complex, our proprietary lifting complex. Argilift utilizes super lifting peptides that help skin gradually look firmer and more taunt. It also contains NVesse-24, a unique cosmeceutical blend that creates an invisible, breathable barrier between the envitonment and your skin, while protecting the active and beneficial ingredients to sustain their integrity.

Uplift Lifting Eye Cream is a hydrating firming eye cream. It gently tightens and firms the thin, loose skin around the eyes and soothes and hydrates the entire eye area.It contains Argilift Complex, NVesse-24 and soothing extracts and fruit oils to calm and pamper the sensitive delicate eye area.

Uplift Lifting Facial Serum is a refreshing skin lifting serum. It helps wake up tired looking skin and makes the face feel cool and comfortable. The skin appears firmer and tighter and the appearance of shadow areas, enlarged pores and wrinkles are reduced. It also contains Argilift Complex, and NVesse-24 with the addition of special Optical Light Diffusers which acts like millions of micro-mirrors helping to visually even out the look of shadow areas and wrinkles. Because serums generally have smaller molecular structure, the ingredients have an easier journey into the skin.
Always use a serum before a moisturizer, in a very thin layer and allow it to dry completely before applying the moisturizer on top.

Uplift Lifting Facial Cream is a moisturizing facial cream with lifting and moisturizing qualities. It supports sagging skin and lifts up the appearance of the entire complexion. It contains the Argilift Complex, NVesse-24 and High performance moisturizers which hydrate and plump up the look of skin which has lost its bounce. There are also plant, flower and herbal extracts to help restore and re-energize tired looking skin.

Seriesse prides itself in using high concentrates of ingredients it their products to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction. To find out how you could become a consultant for Seriesse, go to my Seriesse web page and contact me for more details. Seriesse Business Opportunity

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